Monday, February 27, 2012

a pervert

""everyday you closed to me..
everytime you want to know what im doing,
everytime you concern about me..
everyday im waiting for your question,
everyday i want you to miss me..
everyday im always concern about you without your permission...
but one day, u said that u like me...
yeah, before this you like..
same with me toO,
but i didnt said that, i dont want you to know,.
Oh My God,
everytime i denied, i dont want to be with you!
but, why
im really miss you but you cut it first before me..=)
im so happy..
for the first time im so happy when you said that you like me...
really?! this is not a dream!

times gone day by day.... u also gone in your own. u walked away from me..what had i done? i cant chased you dear..... but im still waiting, if there's hope that u will come to me..  dissapointed! i cant trace you, u were far apart.. did you still like me?"

that is how a guy look like, he cames and goes whatever he likes...haha.. dont be a fool girl! 

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