Friday, January 13, 2012

alhamdulillah, so far my result also gud la

alhamdulillah...last night i check my MUET result..ok, so far so good..haha... from my opinion, actually im not really better in english, but from that result i know that, i will get better than that if i do my best, and give some more effort..hehe..i can do it!! Syukur...

not band 1 and also band 2..but, ok la.. at least i do my best..=) so, i got what i want.. mom! i mampu smile with this result..hik3...sister, im happy... but what i want to say is, im really really miss u all.. granny, mOm, dad, sis, my lis sis..hohoo..miss you all damn much..!  my heart said, i want to go home right now,! i want to hug you granny!!! miss you damn much!1 much much!! i need someone to hug!!!

aq terasa ingin peluk nenek erat-erat dan puas2, coz i miss you damn much..! urghh!! im so happy but sometimes the sadness come..

seriously dis girl miss u damn much!!! 

my loving grandmom..

p/s : Tuhan lindungilah dia walau dimana dia berada, kerana sesungguhnya dialah nyawa aq, dunia dan akhirat....=) dan izinkan aq membuat hari2nya ceria tanpa rasa duka sedikitpun...



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