Saturday, March 5, 2011

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One of the most attractive aspects of any career is the versatility it provides its workers. Surveying is one such career where versatility is a main feature.

Modern surveyors do a lot more than measure plots of land. According to the Institution of Surveyors, Australia, they 'help police at crime scenes, they predict earthquakes, they use computer imaging and satellites to monitor environmental change...and, of course, they tell you where your land ends and your neighbour’s begins'.
Map out your career in Australia

If planning and designing maps appeals to you, look at cartography programs. Other courses in this field might have titles as varied as ‘engineering and surveying’, ‘spatial sciences’ or ‘geomatics’ at different institutions.

There are plenty of traditional surveying specialisations such as cadastral, marine, mining or engineering surveying available. Alternatively, try a ‘geoinformatics’ sub-field such as geographic information systems, spatial information systems or global positioning. These use high-level technology to collect, analyse, display and manage geographical and spatial information.

You will find surveying courses at universities across Australia. But keep in mind that some specialisations are often found in general science, applied science, IT or technology degrees.

It is worth checking out what the vocational education and training (VET) sector can offer you too. An advanced diploma or diploma in surveying or spatial information services will provide excellent practical and technical training—great if you are a budding surveying assistant or technician.

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