Wednesday, January 5, 2011

alam Li

kurang.. not bad, but im still ok with my company. Jurukur Teguh.. that’s my name of my company. No more class to attend for this ‘semester’. Just stay in office and do my work. Not fully crowded with work to do but, its my time to rest, playing around and enjoy with my job..hehehe… hopefully it will be my sweet Bermulanya kehidupan aq di alam ‘kerja’ atau lebih dikenali alam “ber Li”..hehehe.. praktikal la lebih memories along my ‘Li’ in this company.. maybe the company its not to ‘big’ but its ok… not too crowded, comfortable, ‘ada’ air conditioner and not too busy..hehe... staff pun happening gitu..hahahaha….
Even aq tengah Li, silat tetap di hatiku.. tidak ketinggalan, ada game yang nak kena aq attend, kat mana entah…let it be a secret,,hehe.. sambil bersilat, boleh juga aq hang out with my ‘geng’ lovely sweet geng,,haha.. buat part time holiday..hahahah.. selagi im still alive and I still can ‘bersilat’ , I will try my best to go on with my hobby….

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